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Laurie Schreiber has been writing for award-winning newspapers and magazines on the coast of Maine for more than 20 years.

Four decades with the postal service, Linda Musson will retire

BERNARD – It’s the day after the Fourth of July, a little busier than usual at the Bernard Post Office. An early-afternoon customer is at the counter, where postmaster Linda Musson weighs a package and counts out change. “Nine dollars and here’s a penny right here. There you go!” says Musson. “Okay, thank-you,” says the […]

From human connections, a path to recovery

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – Christine Drabek, Acadia Family Center’s new executive director, has seen people in the deepest throes of homelessness, disease and addiction. Her ability to engage with others who are in these terrible situations is founded on an optimistic, strength-based philosophy, both personal and professional, that change is possible, “watching change in myself and […]

Seawall: Rob Rhiel jazzes up ice cream

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – Lavender-infused chocolate is mixing with cream  and sugar in the ice cream maker. Rob Rhiel, who wears a chocolate-spattered restaurant kitchen apron, a light-blue bandanna over his flop of shoulder-length hair, and a welcoming smile, is in the kitchen of the Common Good Soup Kitchen, where he navigates between stoves, counters, industrial […]

A hint of inner chaos in paintings that are big, bold and bizarre

NORTHEAST HARBOR – Artist Aaron Mitchell makes paintings that are big with in-your-face primary colors and bizarre images that hint of inner chaos channeled into art. Mitchell paints on anything that comes to hand – old planks, windows and doors from the dump figure large – with acrylics, oils and spray paints wrought in a […]

Frank Keenan Serves up a Hearty Roadside Menu

Frank Keenan works the grill inside his food truck, Keenan’s Roadside Kitchen. The pull-out where he’s located, on Route 102, has maybe half a dozen cars and pickups parked there, this lunch hour. Folks pop out of their vehicles and amble up to the truck’s service window to order one or another of Keenan’s specialties, […]

Josh Lawson of Bernard Catches 257lb Halibut

TREMONT – Josh Lawson of Bernard was pulling up his longline on a recent Wednesday morning when he saw “a big fish coming up.” It was a 257-pound, 7.3-foot –long Atlantic halibut. Josh Lawson, left, at Thurston’s wharf with the 257-pound halibut he caught on May 16. With him is Mike Conners, who scooted out […]